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Mike Weerakoon Since childhood he has analysed, experimented, studied, made.

Through travel he has explored,discovered and been inspired.

He has emerged as an artist,creating magnificent sculptures using his own unique and intriguing designs.Signature pieces are crafted from stainless steel and fused with ancient Irish bogwoods and native timbers.

Not limited by materials or techniques,he has mastered working with the elements of water,light and movement.

It is this original approach that sets Mike Weerakoon apart.It ensures that each piece is unique in the true sense of the word.

A lifetime of putting things and thoughts together.

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View my portfolio,which shows a selection of past work in stainless steel,bog wood and native Irish timber.
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Click on"view my portfolio" to see one of the waterclocks designed and made by Mike.This particular piece, stands at 2.5m height also incorporates a calender.

A little bit of history... 

In Ancient Egypy there were 2 main devices for measuring time:waterclocks and sundials.In its simplist form the waterclock consisted of a stone vessel with sloping sides which allowed water to drip at a constant rate,from a small hole near the base.Time could be measured by the level of water left in the bowl.Marks on the inside of the bowl indicated the hours.They served a variety of purposes, from timing nightwatch guards,and sermons to ensuring lawyers had equal time allocated to present their cases during trials.If proceedings were interrupted,the hole was stopped with wax.

While never reaching the level of accuracy based on todays standards of timekeeping,the waterclock was the most accurate form of timekeeping,until the pendulum clocks of the seventeenth century.By then they had become more elaborate and complex,featuring bells,gongs and dials.


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